Empowered and vibrant communities

Thanks to contextual architecture and a set of tools, like chats, feeds, video sessions, parallel schedules, discussions and networking spaces, Joynt can handle anything you throw at it. Deep permissions let you co-own things with others, and build your communities together.

  • Flexible live video sessions
  • Searchable sessions archive
  • Parallel sessions schedule
  • Connected social spaces
  • Dedicated landing pages
  • Well equiped Project Rooms
  • Smart navigation
  • Powerful Inbox
  • Rich utility tools

for a self-organising world.

Joynt communities are scalable, thanks to projects and teams that live inside of them. Once a project grows in scale, it can be upgraded into a separate organisation, become independent or stay nested within the original community.

Our infinitely scalable model lets social initiatives grow like plants, adding new branches when needed.

Joynt empowers communities and individuals alike with clever tools designed for a more focused, productive and calmer social experience.

Knowledge and truth discovery

In the age of division and misinformation, truth discovery mechanisms play an important role in human communication.

Communities in Joynt are dynamic knowledge repositories for finding common ground and intent, free of noise and manipulative algorithms.

Personal growth and awareness

Online social spaces in Joynt are designed with focus and purpose in mind, as opposed to distraction and agitation, so common in today’s dystopian social media platforms.

With cool and fun tools like gamification of tasks, and contextual separation of content, Joynt aims to boost your personal growth and awareness.

Join us and let’s get things done for a better society, community, team and yourself.

Meet the team

Marcin Ziętek


Michał Stambulski


Marcin Sipiora

UX/UI Designer

Kamil Kollman

Head of development

Filip Dębowski


Andrew Tobin


Nidhi Eipe


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