Experience the power of our online peer accountability sessions - a turbo boost for your focus, productivity and fulfilment.

Schedule a timeslot and duration for your task

Get paired with a peer and describe your task on video

Do it. When the time’s up, tell each other how it went.

Grade yourselves to earn badges / tokens. Repeat.

Self-improvement just became fun,
inclusive and exciting .

The process

We all try harder when others witness our efforts. Remember that time when you were playing a sport and someone stopped by to watch? You started giving your best, didn’t you?

Joynt peer accountability sessions make use of this powerful effect. Small tasks become a breeze. Larger goals can be broken up and handled with ease. Your progress is tracked and rewarded with badges and tokens.

It's a win-win, as you're not only helping yourself. You also help others to get their stuff together!


A massive productivity boost in learning and work

Increased clarity and focus by defining your goals better

A supportive community of cool people

Large goals achievable through challenges

Learning made fun - meet your peers along the way

What you'll get

Specialized tools for simple or complex tasks

Joynt Tasks

Boost everyday work and studying. Grow!

  • One-on-one tasks vastly improve your success rate
  • You help others while helping yourself - your involvement matters
  • Gain badges/tokens for streaks, to keep consistency high

Joynt Challenges

Gain new skills, achieve life goals. Blossom!

  • Streaks of one-on-one sessions keep you consistent over time
  • Challenges can be made public and followed by others
  • A community of people who strive to get better

Team up with cool people from our open community, or create a private group of selected peers.

Ideal Joynt use cases include:

  • Students learning online
  • Freelancers working from home in need of consistency
  • People changing careers, learning new skills
  • Artists struggling with finishing of their work
  • People working out, wanting to stay fit and disciplined
  • Course attendees practising newly learned skills

Lets Achieve Results Together

Join the Accountability Movement for Stronger Communities!

We are working closely with professionals from the coaching and mentoring field constantly improving our methods and knowledge.

Our team contains experienced and dedicated experts focusing on user centered approach, lean and design thinking methodologies.

Our mission and vision is to build a safe, online space where people will find help, knowledge and understanding, empower themselves as well as the whole community.

Be the first to experience the power of peer accountability

  • Get a lifetime discount when product is made widely available
  • Take part in workshops and discussions
  • Stay in touch to influence the final shape of the product

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