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Joynt is a set of tools for building lively, active and fruitful communities.

Productive interactions

With Joynt workspaces you can build online universities, startup accelerators, mentoring communities, fan clubs, think-tanks and manage them easily.

Easily organize community workflows, allowing your members to discuss things, cooperate and stay engaged.

Create project rooms that can evolve into separate sub-communities when needed.

Communicate meaningfully without distractions

Add custom collections of posts or materials - your blog notes, ideas, interesting findings - and discuss them with others

Flexible live sessions

Use our built in video engine to run webinars, meetings, workshops or group support sessions.

Tailor the meetings precisely to your needs - add materials, Q&A sessions, networking tables, breakout rooms, live chat and more!

Regain yourself

Retrieve your self-agency with witness tasks - our unique accountability partner tool for getting things done and helping others at the same time. Whether it’s chores, work or self-care: it’s easier to do things together. Organize your community life with tasks, scheduled sessions and reminders.

Organically adaptive

Joynt is about flexibility in building your perfect workspace: whether it is your personal digital garden or a team of a hundred coworkers. 

Scale easily - embed, link, and manage your personal and professional spaces freely, adapting their shape as they grow. Each space in Joynt can become a part of a wider organisation.

Finally, a community platform made for humans.

Big tech companies created social media that divides, addicts and sells ads. They failed us. Society deserves community tools combining purpose and value for everyone involved, not just the selected few calling the shots.

Joynt empowers communities and individuals alike with clever tools designed for a more focused, productive and calmer social experience that can benefit the whole group.

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